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Tuna fishing is a full day or night trip out in Montauk, Long Island waters. The reason for this is the distance to travel to and from the best tuna fishing grounds. Tuna are normally 30 - 70 miles from Montauk.

Montauk tuna season starts in early July and normally runs through the early part of October. In the beginning of the season (July-Aug) Tuna are principly caught by trolling plastic lures.
The reason for this is due to the fact that they are spread over a large area and until they school up collectively your best bet is to troll. This will increase your odds in catching them as opposed to try to bait them.

Baiting tuna in Montauk waters normally starts early in September and carries over until the middle of October.

Tuna will hit night or day but generally when they are only located inside of the canyon, which is about 80 miles, day fishing is the perferred method. Night fish normally take place at night on the edge of the canyons. Canyon fishing requires a two day trip to insure you fish the entire night. Also tuna charter boats should be properly equipped to fish nights, this means a generator to provide properly lighting as well as be able to have a warm meal, it can be a long night!
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