Catching tuna fish in Montauk,Long Island. Montauk tuna fishing methods:trolling for tuna in montauk or using bait fish for tuna in Long Island's best tuna fishing waters.

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Catching Tuna in Montauk
Trolling for Tuna consist of using as many lines with lures at various distances in the boat's wake as it trolls at a speed of about 7-11 knots. The reason for fishing as many lines as possible is to imitate a school of bait fish. The noise from the prop's attracts the tuna, when they come up to the boat to investigate the surface noise they will see the lures and hopefully will jump on. When this happens multiple hook ups can happen. At this point the hit rod will then be put into one of two fighting chairs. The boat is then slowed and the angler reels in the fish. The only draw back to this fishing is that the movement of the boat adds to the stress of fighting the fish.

The other method of catching tuna is with bait, which can happen later in the season. As the fish settle in a givern area they are easier to catch with bait. Bait fish consist of chunking with either frozen or fresh baitfish such as Butterfish,Ling or whiting. This method is similar to shark fishing in that you generally drift while chunking bait which creates a slick that attract the tuna. Since you are still fishing the fight is with the fish directly so its generally considered more of a fight. Its also keeps the fish in the slick so it can make it alot more productive fishing.

Tuna will hit night or day but generally when they are only located inside of the canyon, which is about 80 miles, day fishing is the perferred method. Night fishing normally take place on the edge of the canyons. Canyon fishing requires a two day trip to insure you fish the entire night. Also the boat should be properly equiped to fish nights, this means a generator to provide properly lighting as well as be able to have a warm meal, it can be a long night. Homepage
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