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Montauk tuna permits
All owners/operators of vessels (commercial,charter/headboat,or recreational) harvesting regulated Atlantic tunas and all fish dealers must obtain an Atlantic Tunas Permit.

Vessels owners wishing to fish recreationally for Atlantic Bonito are exempt from requirement to obtain an Atlantic tunas permit. Commerical and Charter/Headboat vessel owners are required to obtain an Atlantic tunas permit to fish for Altantic Bonito.

Atlantic tunas permits are issued in six categories: Commercial catagory General,Charter/Headboat,Harpoon,Purse Seine and Incidental catch Angling category is the recreational category.

Only one catagory can be assigned to a vessel, and cannot be changed during the year.

For additional information and permits contact:

Northeast Regional Office of the National Marine Fishies Service
Permit Division
One Blackburn Drive, Gloucester, Ma. 01930
Tel No, 508-281-9370
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