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Observations to Help Identify Tunas
Look at the fins, If the pectoral fin when held flush to the side body ends well before the origin of the second dorsal fin, it is probably a Bluefin. If the pectoral fin extends to or past the origin of the second doral fin then it is likely to be either a bigeye or yellowfin.

A tuna with extremelt long pectoral fins extending beyond the origin of the anal fin is most likely an Albacore. Some Yellowfin at are 40lbs or better can have extremely long anal and. second dorsel fin (some times called an Allison).

Other more important means of identification are the gill rakers on the first gill and observation of the liver. Also Yellowfins have a round node(like a fleshy cord)that runs along the top of the body cavity from front to rear. This is absent in a bigeye or bluefin. For additional information on tuna sizes click here.
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